〈Eng〉HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019〈Second Half〉



“HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019” is an award program by our 6,600 HighNetWorth Magazine readers who select the best hotels in this year around the globe through the online questionnaire.
The advantage of joining this program, you will be able to get publicity to our high net worth clients as well as the report of related awards. Why not thinking about participating in this program to get more information of the trends of hotel industry of Japanese high net worth people.
If you get the prize, you are so lucky! as well.


Registration Plan (Annual exposure/Annual fee)

●Registration Benefit
1. Advertisement in HighNetWorth Hotel Research Institute (Online media for luxury hotels)
Using 1 space for 1 facility, article will be not changeable
*Including design production cost
JPY100,000 (excluding tax) is a normal price.(Tax exclusion)
To ensure the fairness in publication, each facility will be able to add 2 pictures with 100 words. All the items you would like to run in the page will be prepared by the advertiser.

2. Test stay experiences will be appeared in HighNetWorth Hotel Research Institute.

4. Providing a Report

●Annual rate for registration
100 USD (excluding tax) + test stay for 1 night
*Asking for providing the test stay for our 6,600 high net worth clients.
Test stay experiences will be appeared in “HighNetWorth Hotel Research Institute (www.hotel.ne.jp)”.


We have special category awards

●HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019
Gold prize (1 facility)
Silver prize (2 facilities)
Bronze prize (several facilities)

●Many ad-hoc prizes
A renewal prize, a hospitality prize, a family prize, a brand-new rookie prize

●Prize privilege
1. Introduction in HighNetWorth Magazine (Including test stay experiences)
2. Introduction in our 100 sites and being considered for more privilege



Hotel Registration Term (Sequentially posted) *Deadline 31st Aug 2019

●End of Aug.2019
Deadline of Hotel Registration

PR of this Award on this website (hotel.ne.jp)

Voting HighNetWorth Hotel of the year by our magazine readers & test stay term

Selection of HighNetWorth Global Award & various prizes

●Dec.2019 (Magazine Publication)
Announcement of Hotel of the year & various prizes on HNW Magazine & our websites


Contact and Application

For inquiries and applications concerning the HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019, please contact below. Please also confirm the following terms and conditions for applying for HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019. At the time of application, we assume that you agree to the following application agreement.

Contact and Application, please click here


Terms and Conditions

HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019 Participation Agreement

Date of enactment:31st Oct.2018
Date of revision:4th Mar.2019
Date of revision:28th May.2019

Participation Agreement will be applied to participation in HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019 under the auspices of Route and Partners., Ltd. (hereinafter simply referred to as “organizer”).

  1. Type of Award
    Awards will be made by 4 categories / 7 Sections: Gold Award (1 facility), Silver Award (2 facilities), Bronze Award (several facilities), Others (Renewal Award, Hospitality Award, Family Award, Brand New Rookie Award).
  2. Registration qualification
    Accommodation facility that is officially accepted as a hotel in each country or region.
  3. Registration Fee
    100 USD (excluding tax) + test stay for 1 night
  4. How to register
    Submit the designated application form to the organizer and accept participation by paying registration fee.
  5. How to decline to participate
    If you decline participation after completing the application, please contact the organizer and receive approval. At that time, we will not refund registration fee (100 USD *excluding tax + test stay for 1 night) already paid.
  6. Copyright and portrait rights
    Comments, photos, images, and movies sent at the time of participation in this project may be used by the organizer, the co-organizer, the event sponsor and cooperators for public information such as homepages, articles / advertisements.
  7. Award presentation
    We will publish the results in December 2019 at the“HighNetWorth Hotel Research Institute (this Web site) and ‟HighNetWorth Magazine” etc.
  8. Others
    Please note that we can not reply any inquiries about the content of the evaluation and any acceptance of appealing the results.
  9. Effective date
    This agreement will be enforced from October 31, 2018.

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